Action creates results and DWP System Supplier wants to be recognized by our effectiveness which ensures customers more value than expected. Our strong network provides all the  competences required and we make the most from our network’s strength. Market demands keep our member companies challenging and inspiring each other into a synergy of state-of-the-art solutions at very competitive prices.

Stronger together – successful partnership

It all began with the erection of the Anholt Offshore Windfarm which triggered off 330 new jobs and an order intake of DKK 450 million including maintenance for our member companies. This success constantly motivates the network’s companies knowing that a strong partnership creates optimum solutions for their customers.

One point of contact

One point of contact means a prompt and professional response to our customers’ inquiries. Consequently, our customers do not only save time, they also get very accurate and coordinated quotations for system solutions.
Our 24/7 stand-by operation is another contribution to securing the effective process.


DWP System Supplier was established in 2010 and has 30+ partners.

Three core values

The network´s effectiveness is founded on DWP System Supplier’s three core values:

The will to succeed
Our hallmark in short: We Make It Happen.

We dare choose new paths – they often lead to the right solutions. We have the will and the strength to be first in line for new and better solutions, for new partnerships, for new business models or new markets. It is in the network’s DNA to constantly look out for new developments and challenges in order to create optimum solutions for its customers.

The network’s member companies all possess strong competences within their segments. Our high-quality solutions are not only created by professional competences but also by profound qualifications in terms of operation, administration and development. Moreover, our ambitious and financially strong member companies have an in-depth market insight which enables them to rapidly respond to new demands.

The core values are not only our hallmarks, they are also our customers’ guarantee for professional effectiveness.


DWP System Supplier provides effective and professional solutions to all major energy and environment projects.

From erection to operation and service, DWP System Supplier remains your solid partner throughout the entire process. We make it happen.


DWP System Supplier will maintain our local presence on Djursland where also our member companies are strongly involved.

Another goal is to increase our network’s activities – nationally as well as globally.