Stena Recycling A/S

Nordre Kaj 47
9900 Frederikshavn

+45 20518211
  • At Stena Recycling, we want to create a sustainable world in partnership with our customers – a world where nothing goes to waste
  • With our comprehensive range of services and solutions, we contribute to a circular economy by helping you find the hidden value in your waste material
  • As well as offering a comprehensive range of advanced recycling and waste management solutions, we offer a reliable supply of high-quality recycled raw materials for use in new products
  • We have a wide range of sustainable services and solutions to take your waste management to the next level and create the greatest value for your business
  • At Stena Recycling, we have the advanced processes to take care of a wide range of waste materials – no matter how complex. Everything from scrap metals, plastics and paper to lithium-ion batteries, oil and wood is recycled and processed into high-quality raw materials for use in new products.